2020 Calendar of Events:

  • COVID-19 pandemic response information: MWA Board Meetings are being conducted remotely as needed. Our meetings are still open to the public. If you are interested in joining a meeting, please email to receive email alerts for the next meeting and the conference and/or video call information. In-person regular meetings will resume as is recommended by social distancing guidelines.  MWA has also cancelled our 3rd Grade Youth Discovery Program for 2020. We look forward to holding this again in 2021 and thank all our volunteers and teachers for their assistance and participation each year!

  • Identifying Invasive Species in our Watershed, a training with Ann Bove. Interested in learning how to identify invasive species? Then these workshops are for you! Join us for interactive and hands on trainings which include a class room portion and paddle to look for invasive species. There will be two workshops, please email Ann directly to sign up and for more details:
  • Please check back for more information on our regular annual programing like our bird walks and wetland paddles.
Event information will be updated as available