Scott’s Cove Temporarily Closed

Scott’s Cove channel temporarily closed

DEC Advisory: Temporary closure of Scott’s Cove.
The Vermont Lakes & Ponds Program plans to once again implement a temporary closure of Scott’s Cove. The closure will begin May 26, 2017 and continue for 90 days. Starry stonewort, an invasive species, was discovered in the Cove during summer 2015. The closure is intended to decrease the chance of unintentional spread out of the Cove while Lakes & Ponds Program staff members assess management recommendations. This year, the closure will only prohibit passage of vessels through the channel between the Cove and the larger Lake Memphremagog. Boaters will be able to use the Cove as long as they access it from Prouty Beach or a private launch. 
To alert citizens of the closure, we will post signs attached to stakes or buoys at the entrance to Scott’s Cove in front of the beaver dam and behind the beaver dam.